The Colors of Heritage is a multidisciplinary program designed for educational projects and cultural exchange. Using art we empower children to continue building a toolbox of transferable skills they can use for a successful future. Under the umbrella of The Colors of Heritage we organize educational celebration events, contests, exhibits, workshops, and run the new and one of its kind The Living Museum of Native Arts and Cultures. We create and support programs for educators in classrooms and beyond.

This program is a collaboration organized by The Fund for Research of Ancient Civilization and Museum of Trypillya, New York, USA (FRAC). At FRAC, it is our goal to support education and cultural exchange. We work with education and research institutions, as well as cultural and learning centers.

This collaboration is centered at Studio and Learning Center Veselka in Zhovti Vody, Ukraine. Olga Kitsmanyk,  Veselka’s Founder and Director, dedicates herself to the most vulnerable population of current Ukraine – the children, as she creates a unique welcoming community that provides nurture and support when it is needed the most.