Plan Your Visit

Art Studio and Learning Center is open to families every day Monday through Saturday. You can even find creative process extend on Sundays. Veselka is located at The Cultural Palace in Zhovti Vody, Ukraine.

You can always find warm nurturing environment at Veselka. You can learn about traditional arts during lectures using collections of The Living Museum under direction of Olga Kitsmanyk. There are holiday celebrations, masterclasses, Open Door days for Families, exhibits, and other events always ongoing at our studio.

The classroom is open to children of all ages and their parents. The younger preschool kids start in the morning at 9 am. Older schoolchildren come later in the day with last evening class starting at 4 pm. Often, after the class children stay for tea and treats. There are always groups of children with parents interacting and creating at Studio Veselka. Come and join us for creative learning, healing, and fun.