Current Activites

Spring is here, hope is here

Springtime is good for inspiration and new beginnings. It has been inspiring for us as well. We launched our new program aimed to support education and development of children in Ukraine whose wellbeing has come under threat due to current war.

The Colors of Heritage is an international collaborative project aimed to build a platform for knowledge and resource exchange to support schoolchildren in Ukraine. Art and history education has been an integral part of cultural awareness of Ukrainians, and many other nationalities.

Importantly, applied arts is a multifunctional tool that has been utilized by teachers and families around the world to educate and to heal emotional trauma.

We can proudly say, that from the very first steps, our initiative has received a warm welcome by parents and teachers in Ukraine, as well as it is gaining an increasing number of supporters.

We see results in engagements, creativity, and most importantly – smiles on faces that have seen horrors most of us cannot imagine.

Every little step, every little change towards a happier more successful future of our next generation, creates new possibilities and more people join this cause.

Heritage Celebration Day

This year, during Easter holidays, either due to being displaced or having power outages, not every Ukrainian mother has been able to bake a traditional Paska bread for their children that has deep symbolic meaning in our tradition. Art Studio Veselka made sure that every kid under our wing had a Paska and a warm community to celebrate Easter.

We support celebrations that instill and uphold family values, honor traditions, and build happier future for the young generations through shared knowledge.

Open Exhibits and Family Arts Days

To encourage the artistic process, positive social interaction, and confidence, our teachers and parents are working with us through a series of group events. These include indoor and outdoor art exhibits, workshops for mothers and their children to create art together, and traditional celebrations that teach about cultural heritage and history

Cross cultural learning

In a vibrant Studio Veselka , young minds embark on a global journey, exploring traditions and histories of distant lands through celebrations and events. This cultural exchange initiative opens the door to a colorful world of understanding and unity. Picture the excitement as children joyfully immerse themselves in crafting American flags and patriotic art during a special workshop dedicated to USA Independence Day. Guided by passionate educators, they delve into the significance of this historic event, fostering a connection to the values and heritage of the United States.

Through interactive activities and storytelling, these Ukrainian children not only celebrate the spirit of independence but also gain insights into diverse cultures, broadening their perspectives. This cross-cultural experience sparks curiosity, empathy, and a shared sense of humanity, transcending geographical boundaries. As brushes stroke canvases and laughter echoes, these young learners form lasting memories, building bridges of understanding that extend far beyond the confines of the art studio.

Collaborations and Exhibitions

Embark on a visual odyssey through our Collaborations and Exhibitions, a testament to the extraordinary talent nurtured in our art studio and beyond. Delight in the diverse and vibrant works of our talented youth, as well as professional adult artists, as they take center stage in exhibitions across the globe, from the heart of Ukraine to the cultural hubs of England, USA, and Europe. Each event unveils a kaleidoscope of creativity, showcasing the unique perspectives and evolving skills of our budding artists.

Experience the harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary influences as our young visionaries make their mark on the international art scene. From solo exhibitions to collaborative showcases, our events celebrate the spirit of artistic exploration and cultural exchange. Join us in celebrating these young creators who, through their artwork, transcend borders, leaving an indelible mark on the global canvas. Explore the Art Exhibition Events Page and be part of the journey as our artists illuminate the world with their creativity.