Restoration projects

Native techniques are Phoenix of the art world. Our history and traditional art inspire and improve our lives through education and through beautifying our everyday environment. Therefore, they recur in history, as people learn about their traditions. As human species, we have a tendency to gather socially and culturally to a larger unified group of individuals with shared values and a mutual respect. Traditional artistic expression in everyday items that underline ones national identity, has supported cultural survival of Ukrainian people and other nations through history.

The Living Museum was created to organize and to maintain Our Heritage Collections of traditional artwork both old and restored, as well as new and recreated. When we see the continuity of cultural awareness throughout rich history of our traditions, we draw power of confidence from the depth of our roots to the crowns of inspirations of our young generation. We value the power of education and find new ways to instill that value in young minds even in desperate times. We want them to see hope in learning and restoring what seemed to have been lost. We give them the power of restoring their own history with implementing new technologies and while learning new transferable skills.

Our team specifically collects old damaged handmade traditional embroidered and woven items that are in danger of being lost or destroyed. Through careful restoration, preservation, digitization, and copying items of historical value, we reconnect with our culture and preserve it for the next generations all renewed and revived. Children learn the value of their history and feel proud to be in touch with their own history, and literally in touch with their own delicate, appreciative, and creative hands.

This project allows students to learn about arts, history, provides access to new educational resources and opportunities. Importantly, we strive to equalize these opportunities and make them available to even most vulnerable children with limited resources.

Our young artists recreate authentic traditional artwork with their own interpretation of beauty and nature. The resulting artwork is astonishing and combines tradition with vigor and power of life. The power that drives our children to live and to learn, whether in the classroom or in the bomb shelter, they continue to create and to develop, getting ready to take over this world.

This aspect of The Living Museum has a special message of inspiration to our young generation. The same message that helped every generation not just persevere, but also to strive towards improving and building, inspired by natural beauty our ancestors taught us to appreciate, to cherish, to reflect upon, and to carry close to heart in our arts, and in our everyday objects.