Cultural Exchange Days

USA Independence Day

Celebration and History.

July 4, the independence day of the United States, became an opportunity for a unique cultural exchange. During this holiday, the little ones were transported to American reality for a moment.
Despite the daily challenges related to the situation in the country, the children were eager to get involved in learning about the history and traditions of celebrating July 4.

They took part in artistic workshops, where they painted the flags of both countries and created posters related to the history of independence.

At the same time, they learned about the culture and history of their peers from overseas.

The USA’s independence day on Ukrainian soil has become not only an occasion for joy, but also for mutual understanding and respect for cultural differences. The little ones who celebrated together that day took home not only colorful impressions, but above all the value of mutual friendship and openness to the world.

Art Studio Veselka 2023

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